Make Greer Great Grant

The Greater Greer community is your community and this is your chance to make it great! Introducing the “Make Greer Great Grant” program through the Partnership for Tomorrow. Do you or your organization have an idea that will make Greer a better place? This program is designed to support projects or ideas and help turn them into reality. As a reimbursement grant opportunity, the goal is to allow for individuals and groups to improve Greer in a variety of ways.

In order to be considered, please apply below. Between 4-7 grants will be awarded with the average grant awarded approximately $1,500. Project must be completed by June 30, 2016. Thank you for your interest and commitment to our community; let’s make it great together!


What is the Partnership For Tomorrow (PFT)?

The PFT is a community initiative for the future of Greer. The PFT was formed in 1998 by a concerned group of business, civic, government and community leaders to address the issues and concerns related to the growth of the Greater Greer community and the opportunities it would bring to the area. With significant and positive results of their first three five-year plans, the Board of Trustees of the PFT iscontinuing their work with a new Strategic Plan to guide their actions over the next five years, and encouraging continued and increased participation of corporate, community and government leaders in meeting the future needs of the Greater Greer community.

What is the mission of the Partnership For Tomorrow?

The mission of the PFT is to provide the City of Greer and surrounding areas with the resources necessary to address a variety of issues that will benefit our community and make Greer a better place to live and work.

More about the Grant:

  1. This is a reimbursement grant program and the receipt of grant funds is dependent upon completion of the project that is approved.


  1. Grant funds cannot be reimbursed for any work that is performed before the grant is awarded and the project is approved.


  1. Grant recipient agrees to hold the Partnership harmless for any damages and injuries that may unexpectedly occur.


  1. The committee is making the determination based on a decision without the benefit of any identifying information of the grant requestor. This will provide a fair, unbiased, and non-discriminatory method of selection.


Grant applications due September 30th