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Get Involved with Leadership Greer

July 18, 2007

(GREER, SC) Be a part of the solution! Help forge the future of Greer! Be a part of a select group that works together for the betterment of our community. Be a part of twenty-seven years of tradition and service. Be a part of the Leadership Greer Class XXVIII now forming for 2007-2008.

Leadership Greer XXVIII, presented by SSI-Sports, Spine & Industrial, is now taking applications for 2007-2008. Please email Lynda Speakman at the Greer Chamber of Commerce, for an application or call (864) 877-3131.

The program begins in September with two teambuilding events; an Orientation/Ropes course and an overnight retreat called SIMSOC. The sessions meet once a month from October to May. Each session is all-day and covers different aspects of the Greer community. Each class is responsible for a project that will benefit the community. Graduation will take place in May.

If you live or work in Greer, you will most assuredly know someone who is an alumnus of the Leadership Greer program. 

Hear what some of them have to say about their experience:
"Leadership Greer was the place where I met most all of my current friends. It also helped to catapult me into the volunteer world, by introducing me to Greer Family Fest and to Greer Relief of which I serve on both boards. Leadership Greer is the starting point for making a difference in the community, in business and also in your personal life."  (Adele Langford-Langford Electric).

“I think the Leadership program was one of the most worthwhile experiences I have had in my business career. As a new businessman in the Greer area, I found it to be the best source for connecting to the other business folks in town as well as a great opportunity to get involved in the community. As with all things, you get out of it what you put into it, and I feel very fortunate to have participated. The Chamber provides a very valuable experience by sponsoring this program.”
(Bill Roughton-CapitalBank)

“I enjoyed meeting many people I hadn’t met in my 13 years with the City and getting to know ones I knew casually through business encounters. I learned more about the City – things that I never knew about different buildings and locations downtown. Since my experience I have recommended it to everyone no matter how long they’ve worked here. I especially enjoyed the trip to Columbia, the capital, and going to Senator Smith’s office where I met his long time Assistant, “Ms. Cynthia” who I had talked with on the phone many times over my 13 years here. She was always there when I needed help just like the Senator.”
(Carole Rosiak-City of Greer) 

“Leadership Greer was such a beneficial and positive experience. It provided me with a clear understanding and awareness of both the needs of our community and the opportunities available to roll up my sleeves, get involved, and make a difference.”
 (Brian Martin-Martin & Davis, LLC) 

“I’ll always be grateful to Mr. Don Owens [Owens Insurance Agency] for encouraging me, and then making it possible for me to attend the first class of Leadership Greer. It was certainly a learning experience for both the participants and I’ll assume staff as well being their first attempt. The insight into our community and the friendship I made during those sessions have continued to serve me well. I would highly recommend the Class to anyone who wants a “first hand” look at how a community functions and how they can become a part of the process.”
(Rick Danner-Mayor, City of Greer)

“What a great program! Leadership Greer offers personal and professional growth, while building new and lasting friendships. Our business should be fueled by personal relationships, why not start in Leadership Greer!  Leadership Greer is the winning combination!”
(Donna O. Smith-Prudential C. Dan Joyner)

“As a couple, we learned valuable leadership skills that help us in our every day business life. As business owners, Leadership Greer helped us realize that there is a lot more to Greer that meets the eye. Because of it, we have accepted additional volunteering opportunities in other areas of our community life. Greer is a rich playground to live, work, worship, and play!”
(Adamy Diaz-Carpenter & Don Carpenter-Angel Dolfyn Connection)

The Greater Greer Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary, non-profit organization that represents approximately 570 businesses in the Greer area. The mission of the Greater Greer Chamber of Commerce is “To Champion Economic Prosperity for our members and the greater Greer community.”  For more information on the Greater Greer Chamber of Commerce, call 864-877-3131 or visit


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