Greer Business Leadership Committee

What is the Greer Business Leadership Committee?

Simply put, the Greer Business Leadership Committee (also known as the Greer Political Action Committee) financially supports elected officials who support the business community. 


What does the GBLC do?

Members of the GBLC Board of Directors review the performance of elected officials and how they voted with respect to the issues facing the business community.  If an elected official demonstrates a history of pro-business activity, the GBLC can support that particular individual.


How is the GBLC funded?

The GBLC holds events to raise funds for the organization.  Many members of the GBLC Board voluntarily contribute to the organization as well.  Additionally, Greater Greer Chamber of Commerce members have the ability to add a GBLC contribution of $30 to their dues payment. 


How is the GBLC governed?

The governance structure is clearly defined in the GBLC by-laws.  The GBLC is governed by a Board of Directors.  The composition of the Board is determined by a nominating process and a re-organization of the leadership occurs on an annual basis.


How do I learn more and/or participate?

Contact the Greater Greer Chamber of Commerce at 864.877.3131.