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Chamber Endorses Resolution

April 14, 2014

By a vote of 14-0, the Greater Greer Chamber of Commerce endorses a resolution supporting the voters of Greenville County that allows them the right to vote for or against a one percent (1%) sales tax to fund transportation improvement projects within Greenville County

On April 1st, the Greenville County Citizens Roads Advisory Commission (an eighteen member committee appointed by County Council and the city councils within Greenville County) reported its findings to Greenville County Council.  The following paragraph (in italics), extracted from their Executive Summary, clearly articulates the transportation infrastructure crisis in Greenville County.       

Every district, every municipality, in our county has its documented share of deteriorating roads, aging and dangerous bridges, traffic congestion, and unsafe conditions. The scope of comments and the information available on the current condition of our roads underscored to the Commission that the current means for maintenance of our road system is woefully inadequate. Current road maintenance funding, from all sources, amounts to approximately $20,427,000 per year for Greenville County. At this level it will take anywhere from 21 to 45 years for some of the smaller municipalities to resurface all of their roads to 83 years for SCDOT to do the same. The Commission found that routine maintenance is being forfeited to perform emergency repairs, unsafe bridges are being closed instead of being replaced, and the overall quality is on a definitive decline. Left unresolved this direct cause and effect relationship between lack of funding and rate of maintenance will decimate our infrastructure.

 Ken Harper, Chairman of the Greater Greer Chamber of Commerce Executive Board, stated, “The people of Greenville County deserve the opportunity to weigh in on an issue that will have safety and economic development implications for years to come. I call on the members of Greenville County Council to let the people decide. Their opinions deserve to be heard and implemented accordingly.”

 The resolution is attached. The Greenville County Citizens Roads Advisory Commission report can be accessed by visiting

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