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Greer Chamber Launches CEO Roundtable Program

May 1, 2007

(Greer, SC) The Greater Greer Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce the launch of a new Chamber program that is designed to help top executives and small business owners overcome challenging business issues that occur daily. 

With a more competitive business environment, an increase in the cost of doing business, and finding and retaining a great workforce, running a business has many challenges.  The CEO Roundtable is a program that helps small business owners and top executives overcome many of these challenges. 

Roundtable participants will participate in the program with other non-competing businesses based on their specific type of business.  “This format will match up company executives that face similar challenges in a similar size business,” states Chamber President, John Kimbrell.  “With other like businesses in the room that do not compete with each other for business, participants are more open to discuss confidential matters,” Kimbrell adds. 

The CEO Roundtable Program consists of top executives and owners in 4 different categories of business:
1. Manufacturing
2. Small Business
3. Non-profit Organizations
4. Service Organizations

The roundtables will meet at least monthly and will consist of a minimum of 10 participants. 
The Roundtables are only open to the top decision makers in the company and participants must be at least a Tier 2 member of the Greater Greer Chamber of Commerce.

For additional information about the CEO Roundtable Program please call the Greer Chamber of Commerce at 864.877.3131 or click here to download the registration form.

The Greater Greer Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary, non-profit organization that represents approximately 570 businesses in the Greer area. The mission of the Greater Greer Chamber of Commerce is “To Champion Economic Prosperity for our members and the greater Greer community.”  For more information on the Greater Greer Chamber of Commerce, call 864-877-3131 or visit

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