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Greer Chamber Releases its 2010 Legislative Agenda

November 5, 2009

Greer, SC:  The Greater Greer Chamber of Commerce has finalized its 2010 Legislative Agenda.  The agenda, which will be delivered to the SC General Assembly in the coming weeks entails all of the major issues that will help Greer, Upstate and state businesses be more competitive. 

The creation of the 2010 Legislative Agenda began with a survey that was sent out to the entire Greer Chamber membership in July, which asked members to rank issues pertinent to the making their businesses more competitive.  The result of the survey was then delivered to the Greer Chamber’s Legislative Committee, where it offered recommendations to the full Chamber Board, based on the survey results.  A drill-down session was held with Greer Chamber members to debate and discuss each issue specifically.  The Chamber Board then deliberated on those recommendations and survey results before finalizing the 2010 Legislative Agenda.

“The Legislative Agenda is designed to inform legislators as to what we need from them to make our businesses more successful,” said Greer Chamber President and CEO John Kimbrell.  “It also is the marching orders for our public policy team, to go out and, with the help of legislators, get these issues done.”

The following is the Greater Greer 2010 Legislative Agenda:

• Support a cigarette tax increase to provide overall tax relief for the general population
• Incentivize employers to offer wellness programs
• Help small business afford health insurance

Energy and Environment
• Support alternative energy
• Support off-shore drilling for alternative energy resources
Economic Development
• To provide for incentives for high impact entrepreneurs
• Support the implementation of a statewide Economic Development plan
• Support for SC State Port Expansion
• Support more incentives to ensure competitiveness with other states
• Support an initiative to allocate more resources to statewide business retention programs

Judicial Reform
• Support for more tort reform
• Support for more worker’s compensation reform (implementation of objective guidelines)

• Support for more broadband technology
• Increase the number of individuals going to post secondary education
• Increase high school graduation rates
• Support the offering of early childhood education to more South Carolinians
• Support for an increased skilled work force

• Oppose tolling of existing roads
• Support the redirection of car sales tax from the general fund to a fund designated for the maintenance and repair of roads, bridges, etc.
Government Restructuring
• Support state spending caps

The Greater Greer Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary, non-profit organization that represents approximately 590 businesses in the Greer area. The mission of the Greater Greer Chamber of Commerce is “To Champion Economic Prosperity for our members and the greater Greer community.”  For more information on the Greater Greer Chamber of Commerce, call 864-877-3131 or visit

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